About Ray's Writing

Short stories as long story training

I write short stories because one day I'd like to write a really good long story. Short stories are my practice. I've got a long one in the works, but it is somewhat autobiographical and it is not light, so I only do a chapter at a time. Also, I'm not sure whether she kills the guy who represents her father in the end or not. Another few years and I should have it figured out. That's what my meditation teacher thinks too.

My short stories are not about me, but one of my personalities is always a character. The stories depict poignant moments in the lives of average people because I don't know what the hell else to write about. I've had several jobs and as a trade writer I've had the opportunity to experience a few different industries. The funny thing is these industries have a lot in common. The details, though, allow me to tell the same basic story in different ways. In my stories a person wants something but either does or doesn't want to do what it takes to really have that thing, so they either return to status quo or move out.